Are we safe on internet?

Actually I see things getting into this direction at some point unless we learn to be a touch skilled . It’s only a matter of your time before someone gets hurt or worse because we’re not restricting the web or certain parts of it to minors. It’s like once you have a high risk area on a road somewhere, eventually, despite many of us warning drivers that it is a high risk spot, nothing is completed about it and someone features a crash and gets hurt or worse. it is a shame that it’s only that happens that folks start to think, actually we probably should have put some warning signs up or put some measures in situ to stop that from happening (again).

I think that’s how it’s with the web also . it isn’t an infant thing anymore and it should be moderated and limited surely age groups. Purely because there are some things on the web that you simply wouldn’t need a minor to see! Plus there are things they will get into which will be detrimental to them as a minor. I’m talking about chat rooms, forums, blogs, any site, the entire kit and caboodle really.

And while there’s more awareness around this now and more parents are being watchful about what quite sites and stuff their kids do online. There are always folks that just don’t really care about it that much mainly because they do not fully realize the risks of it. And there are always stories shooting up more and more within the new about kids that have gotten into trouble and even had their life in risk due to the items they got into online that wasn’t supervised or limited. So I hate to mention it, but it’s only a matter of your time before it happens again. And eventually, it’s getting to take someone being killed or something like that before the govt really does anything about it. Obviously hope it doesn’t come thereto .

I see them working much closer with ISP’s and imposing more rules and regulations thereon and more emphasis on putting the adult on top of things and responsible. But hey, what’s changed! It seems more and more rules and regulations are beginning every day . you would like licenses for this and for that. at some point you’ll likely need a license just to be ready to use your washer at 90 degrees or you are not allowed to boil water or bake a cake without a license to try to to so! So that’s how it’s with everything, they create the govt bring out more laws and restrictions which gets more people fined for breaking them which suggests extra money for the govt . the purpose is, they need to form money from it before they are doing out about it!

But if that is what it takes to kid our younger generation far more protected then so be it! At the top of the day, the type of things they see that they shouldn’t see and and obtain into they shouldn’t have gotten into, could are prevented with the proper filters in situ . Perhaps within the future it’ll be much safer for them, and that they should do more about controlling who’s getting online like with a retina eye scanner, finger print or DNA analysis machine that’s next to the pc itself in order that your use is restricted or not, counting on who’s using that computer and their age bracket . I expect we’ll see something like that as we tip toe towards a totalitarian state. Where everything from breathing to purchasing an owning a router would require a license.

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