News And Announcements – April 2022

Dear members and visitors, welcome to Upvo.

Recently our website joined Fediverse by using ActivityPub, which means that posts from will be automatically posted to millions of users via various social media networks joined to , as soon it’s published.

So, in some way we are now acting like social media network site too and you can find our post on thousands of instances of Mastodon, Friendica, Pleroma, Misskey and amny more federated protocols. Our members can find their accounts on such social media by copy their Upvo account URL address and paste in search on any of these social network websites, and also you will be able to follow (subscribe) to any Upvo account by using same technique. For example, if you have account on , you can follow any Upvo member and you will be notified in future of every new post he submit on Upvo…. I will probably write more tutorials abut it in near future.

Regarding this news up here, I made some changes in category structure as you may noticed from top menu bar.

Now we can also embed any post from any instance on without adding any special code, just copy and paste URL address of the post you wish to embed, like in this example here. In this case you making exposure of your or any other social post from Fediverse, same as we automatically share your Upvo post to Fediverse users.

This is really good news for those who looking to get more to their websites or blog posts or videos. but we will increase moderating all new posts to make sure that spammers do NOT harm our reputation and social connections, so please use our website by respecting our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy!

While i look into more integrations and promotions of whole site and each post, you please invite other new members to join us!

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Any suggestion is welcome in comments below.

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