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Why You May Be Alienated by Cybersecurity Topics – Dr. Magda Chelly

As human beings, we adopt technology fast. But for us – professionals, the way we use might put everyone at risk … Yet, we are doing a fine job of alienating everyone we are trying to reach by presenting “cybersecurity” as if it were a known domain to all. The assumption that everyone from the laymen to the experts would be able to understand cybersecurity in the same way does not hold. So, is there a way to make cybersecurity simple and easy for everyone to understand? In this breezy talk, Magda shares some of her top tips to build and drive cyber intuition. Dr. Magda Chelly is an award-winning global cybersecurity leader. IFSEC Global has listed her as one of one of the top 20 most influential cybersecurity personalities globally, in 2017 and 2021. After years of experience as Information Security Officer in several multinational organisations, she co-founded Responsible Cyber, a cybersecurity start-up which was valued at SGD7 million in 2020. 

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